Tips to be a famous business women: Let’s explore the unknown!

When was the last time, you thought that you will pull off something unconventional and eccentric? A good businesswomen do that daily. Living a life of a businesswomen is not easy as you have to cope-up with a lot of things. You need to stand out, bring the best out of you and stay focused under all the circumstances. This blog is dedicated to all those women who are working all over the world, making it big for themselves daily and making their family, friends proud. Kudos to them and their efforts. They deserve a round of applause.


                            “The best way to predict your future is to create it” 


Businesswomen are dedicated, strong enough to do everything they want. The above quote is not just a quote but the motto of a good businesswomen. She creates her own world and by working hard she makes impossible things say: I am possible!


Passion and courage should be there in a businesswomen. She should have the courage to interact with people at every level and should emote the best out of her. She should be good in communication and have the confidence of making things done on time.


For success, you need to respect others and be honest with your work. A good businesswomen do just that. She is not only honest with her work, but with others as well and produce cent percent results by giving startling efforts. A good businesswomen understands the market, read the trends, judge people on capabilities and execute plans accordingly.



Moreover, she always works on multiple things with different plans backing up. Listen to all, but trust few; a very good quote for a good businesswomen. She keeps on developing her skills over the passage of time and don’t stop the efforts, which makes her impeccable.


To sum it up, a good businesswomen possess all these qualities and leads from the front. She is capable enough of turning things around with her hard work and devotion.







What’s makes you a good Entrepreneur? Let’s find out!

Disclosing your capabilities to the world, doing something out of box and setting trends which are unconventional defines entrepreneurship for me. Google is full of tips where you can get to know what it takes to be a good entrepreneur, but I will be highlighting the major and the most significant ones. At times, it’s necessary to broaden the horizon; if not for yourself, then for others. Entrepreneurship moves on the law of innovation and passion. With the amalgam of both, you can do wonders and create an opportunity for the masses out there as well. So, stop being a Doctor or an Engineer, let’s be Entrepreneurs now!

Entrepreneur should have passion for things. You need to explore new ideas and try and make them applicable at every level. There are Entrepreneurs who feel they will change the world. They have that zeal and courage to take over the world. World had and is witnessing a lot many young entrepreneurs from every country. Man, women both have stood up and are good entrepreneurs.


As Entrepreneurs, you should have a vision and belief of what you are doing is right and you have the capability of introducing new things to the world. The idea is to have that self-belief and vision with you that can motivate others. As it goes, be the change you want to see in the world! So, be on the driving seat if you want to be a good entrepreneur and lead from the front.



As, Entrepreneurs, you have to have that risk factor with you. You need to take on new challenges and start things that are not being touched or are still unknown. This is an art of being a good entrepreneur that you are full of coverage and not acting as a coward.



As Entrepreneurs, you need to have your plans and ideas set. You should have your goals fixed and should go according to your plans. A good Entrepreneur, is not afraid of taking risk and is aware of his plans and a B plan if in case, A is not working.


So, these are some tips to be a good entrepreneur. Follow them and follow the blog as well to read about some young and emerging entrepreneurs across the globe and how they are making it big?

9 Young and low profile business women entrepreneurs of Thailand:-

It’s an amalgam of pious, class, vision and ability that makes you big. This article will showcase some of the top business women in Thailand who are low profile, introvert when it comes to being the limelight; yet they actually make it big. Belong to different fields, the things which holds them together and separates them out of others is their abilities, achievements and gutsy nature. We will start revealing each personality and would try and explore the maximum about it.

1)      Suwapan Wattanavekin (Ninja)

 Making it first to the list, her nick name is Ninja. Placed in Thailand, her family owns a Hotel named Hyatt, Thailand. Her family owns an investment bank as well. To add in, she is a credibly low profile girl, 27 years old ambitious girl whose family net worth is estimated at 3 Billion Thai Baht but her actual net worth is unknown. She is gaining work experience and regardless of her high esteem background, she is maintaining a low-profile. Her ig @suwapan it’s private but try to follow her for inspiration.


2)      Api srikarnjana:

Coming 2th in the list we have Api. She is very talented. Her family owns Pendulum, Thailand, which is famous and focuses on high class watches. She took over her family’s restaurant named as Nara Cuisine and changed it to Apinara Thai Cuisine. At just 25, she is planning to open a branch in Singapore as well. Her ig is @p_apinara with a personal net worth estimated at 100 million Thai Baht, she is surely a must add in the list.Though she is not a low profile individual overall, but still making her way into our list due to her amazing abilities.



3)      Patricia ML Lim:

 Third in the list, we have Patricia ML Lim. A young entrepreneur, highly low profile, ambitious, business oriented woman .She is the owner and founder of Thailand’s upcoming hotel’s chain Privi Hotel Group. She is a self-made, low profile business woman and just at the age of 25 her personal estimated net worth is 1 Billion Thai Baht and it is solely from the hotels asset alone. Her family runs a bird nest manufacturing business, which is one of the largest in Southeast Asia. Her ig @patriciamllim and she is a vivacious and amazing personality. Gaining fame day by day, she is right there along the top business women of Thailand.   




4)      Lookchoup boonratanapitak:-

Thai women are hardworking and dedicated, which is purely showcased by this next young lady. She is just 22 and is very extremely capable. She had paved her ways to success on her own two hand, when she started publishing her first novel at the age of 18, which later makes her a renowned writer in Thailand. To add in, she owns a clothing brand @lazyclub and with all this, she can easily buy a Mercedes for herself at such a young age. Her personal total estimated net worth is 5-10 million Thai Baht and her ig is @lclookchoup. Get inspired what goes through minds of a novel writer!



5)         Pun triratanachat:-

 The next one in the list is Pun, which is her nick name. She is the owner of IRADA @irada_official. At an age of 24, this young business woman has made it big by opening a shop in central Embassy and stepping into the Designing field with spotlight shinning on her. She is not stopping here and will be going for more retail outlet. A low-profile, determined and honest personality with a personal net worth of 30-40 million Thai Baht. Her ig is @punnyy.  Being trendy and stylish defines her personality laconically.



6)       Ying Buranasiri:

Another, young, low profile businesswoman from Thailand. Her family is the sole distributor of OPI nail Polish; a famous and renowned brand. She is just 27 and owns a restaurant in Thailand, which is quite famous named as Loukin. She is very capable, dedicated and versatile. Her personal estimated worth is at 30-50 million Thai Baht. Her ig @yingburanasiri so you can surely check and follow her. She surely have the style and elegance.


7)       May Kanokwatanawan:-

She is 7th in the list and is very talented and contains a business minded. She is 29 years old and owns a famous café in Thailand named as AFTER YOU. It’s a dessert café and people follow it madly. Her personal net worth is 100 million Thai Baht. Very capable and extremely hard to find in the society page she is an ideal young entrepreneur to follows and get inspired.



8)      Bee Kanpaibol:-

She is 8th there in the list and is 23 just. Making her name as an emerging and young business woman, she started clothing line with her sister named as #varithorn. She has worked hard and now making it even better. Her personal net worth is 20-30 million Thai Baht approximately. She is an extrovert and does show off on social media with a good community. Though low-profile could not describe this young entrepreneur but capabilities we cannot miss.



9)      Air Anthida:-

 Last, but definitely not the least in our list is Anthida. She is the CEO of Thailand’s biggest fertilizer’s company and just at an age of 24, her personal net worth is roughly at 800 million Thai Baht, but it’s inherited. This is why she is lowered in our list, she is still managing the company well and taking it further. Her ig @ air_anthida.


So, all these are young, startling and versatile woman making it big in their respective fields. The thing which is common in all of them is their capabilities and dedication at a young age. They have surely done a lot and by keeping it to themselves. It’s time for us to know about all these amazing business woman in Thailand.  And let it be known it’s these people we should look up to not only rich but does nothing